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How to Celebrate Fathers Day This Year

Though fatherhood needs not any celebration on a particular day, yet the father’s day is a day we cherish altogether. Father’s day 2017 is a celebration for our honoring parents. It is celebrated in Europe on March 19, but in India, it is celebrated on the third Sunday of June. Father’s day is celebrated to give respect to our lovely fathers. We all celebrate this day to show them that how much we love and care for them. But there come many occasions when our father is not with us on this very auspicious day due to many reasons. So how to celebrate father’s day when Dad is away from home?  It’s a big question. Here we are going to explain father’s day 2017 plans.

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If Your Dad Is Out Of Station

If he is not with you on father’s day, then the only way to celebrate the very special day is to give him a pleasant surprise. You and your mom could visit your dad’s place without providing any information. That would be the best father’s daygift. 

Make Video Calls

You can arrange a video call and wish your dad happy father’s day. Both of you can spend time in this way.

Enjoy The Day With Your Mom And Loved Ones

In the case of a father does not live with you, and then father’s day is just like any average day for you. But there is nothing to be disheartened, as your mom is with you and she has brought you up and she acts like mom and dad in your life when your dad is away from home. So enjoy the day with her. Pay your respect and love.

Visit An Old Age Home And Spend The Whole Day Their

It's always very sad that your dad is somehow absent on that day, you can visit an old age home where you will find many moms and dads who are left alone. Enjoy father’s day with them, and that would bring a little laughter in their loneliness.

Stay With Your Grandparents

If you are lucky enough to have your grandparents, then all your sadness would have vanished in a while. Enjoy father’s day with your grandparents and mark the day a memorable one. So miss the moments with them.

Enjoy The Day In An Orphanage

If you ever visit to an orphanage, you would find out as many kids who live together. Share your day with them. I am sure when you will find yourself among them; you never have to feel sad, as sadness reduces when it shares. Pay you honor to those who are fathering so many kids. That’s the best way to spend your father’s day.

Send Wishes To Those Who Are Like A Father Figure In Your Life

Fatherhood is earned through the process of caring a child. In our life, we come in contact with such person who cares and loves us just like our father. So never forget him on this particular day. Show your respect and honor to that father figure.  He may be your big brother, maybe your maternal uncle, or maybe your teacher.

Remember Your Golden Days With Your Father

It is true that we can recreate the atmosphere through remembering the person we are missing.  When there is no way to spend time together, then this is how you can spend the father’s day, remembering the moments of joy you had spent with him. I am sure you will say in your mind, “Thank you, and dad, to give me such beautiful moments”.

Lastly, maybe your father is absent due to any reason on father’s day, and it’s true that nobody could take the place of a dad, but still never loses your heart and depressed.  Always think that there are so many like you.  Pay your tribute, honour or respect to the mentor of your life. Take care and show your love to your mom if she is playing the double role in your life in the absence of your father. So when your father is away from you, try to do any of the ideas as mentioned above, and I am sure your father's day 2017 plan will turn into a successful one.


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