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Father's Day 2017 - Expressing Love and Admiration to our Hero

 “Every child deserves a champion- an adult who will never give up on them, who understand the power of connection and insists that they become the best they can possibly be.”
-Rita F. Pierson

The presence of the parents is pivotal in the upbringing and the growth of each and every child. Our parents are the only ones who have been with us since our birth. They had seen us wiggle as an infant bundle, got excited when we spoke our first word and took our first step, and cried when we went to the playschool leaving them for the first time. 

They teach us how to read and write and help us grow into a person that they and we could be proud of.  They scold and punish us when we go astray and applaud us when we achieve something. They have always been there at each and every step of our life; whether be it our success or failure, they have always stood by us as pillars of support.

Mothers are generally credited with our nurturing, and without a doubt, they are the greatest gift a God can bestow on a living being. Our mothers give birth to us and conventionally acclaimed for our success or admonished for our failures. 

But everyone keeps forgetting the significant role that our fathers also playing our lives. Without him, we wouldn’t have been born in the first place. When our moms required peaceful sleep, our dads have been the ones who stayed awake throughout the night and pacified the crying us. 

He fed us when mom was busy, played with us, helped us take our first steps and fought the bullies when we were troubled. They worked hard to fulfill our every wish upon the star and provided us with every need of ours even at the cost of their own necessities. We have always looked at him acting as a shield protecting us from any kind of harm and danger. Our mom supports us, but he is the one who guides us through different phases of our lives.

He is undoubtedly a girl’s first prince and a boy’s first hero. Everyone else who we meet in our course of time gets measured according to the standards that he has set in our eyes.

But many times, the love, admiration, and respect that we have for him gets unspoken of. We often find ourselves unable to express them. We either think that it isn’t required as it is implicit that he understands or we keep waiting for the perfect opportunity to arrive. We take it for granted that our parents will always be around and we can tell them whenever we want. But it is so necessary for us to accept and understand that our fathers are mortals just like us. If we miss a chance today, we might not get it again.

“If you say that you love someone, but don’t express it by what you do, then that love is worthless.”
    -Craig Williams

So please don’t wait for the stars to get aligned in your favor or for his birthday or anniversary come for displaying your appreciation for him. Say it loud or tell in writing by dedicating a poem or letter to him. Shower him with gifts that on this Fathers Day 2017 he would appreciate or they give him the most precious present that you can ever give him, your time!!  Chat, watch movie or sports, does anything and everything he loves to do.

We have never felt shy to express our anger, disappointment or fear to him, but we find it so hard to express our love. Whether you call him Papa, Pops, Popo, Dadda or just anything, please tell him today and let him know how much he means to you and how incomplete your life would have been if you didn’t have his presence beside you.