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Best Homemade Gift for Father's Day 2017

Father's Day is a great day to celebrate your dad, and this is an occasion that calls for surprises. It is possible to surprise your father with homemade gifts for father’s day that can send a real message.

Rather than buying gifts from the store, a well thought out homemade gifts for father’s day are bound to create the much-needed effect on your father. Any father will love a gift that is specially made for him with love from members of his family. Here are some of the father’s day gift ideas 2017.

A Mustache Mug

You can turn an entirely ordinary porcelain mug into the best gifts for dad's day by dressing it up with a mischievous mustache, which will add character and comical relief to his morning. You only need to have a plain mug of any color, a mustache stencil, a sharpie and a porcelain paint pen.

You then draw the mustache on the mug using the sharpie marker. Using your Pebeo pen, trace around the edges of the already drawn mustache and fill it with a Pebeo gel stain. You should apply about three coats of paint for maximum effect. You can then bake the mug at about 300 degrees for thirty minutes, and you are ready to go.

After doing all this, it will now be the time to fill the mug with your father’s favorite beverage and pass it over to him at the opportune moment. This makes an easy, fun and silly gift which will lift your father’s spirits as he starts the day.

Luggage Handle Cover

If you have a father that likes to travel, it is good to think about making a luggage handle cover for him. This is because many people find it difficult to locate their luggage among many other traveling bags at the airport. A good homemade luggage handle cover that is embellished on his suitcase will make it easier for him to locate it when he is checking out. 

Making a luggage handle cover is easy. All you need is a sewing machine and thread, two pieces of sew-on Velcro, iron, two pieces of 6*61/2 inches fabric, and a piece of 6*61/2 thin battling. Just lay a piece of the fabric on a table and then place the other piece on top of it (right side down). Place a piece of the thin battling on top of both fabrics and then sew around all the pieces, but do not forget to leave a two inch opening for turning.

After sewing, trim all the corners and pull the fabric through the opening. Iron the fabric and sew shut the opening. Sew the Velcro on one side and turn over the fabric to sew the other Velcro. After finishing this, you are now ready to attach the cover to the handle of the suitcase. The luggage handle cover can provide one of the best gifts for dad’s day 2017.

Homemade Fishing Rod and Reel

If you have a father that loves to go for fishing expeditions, a homemade fishing rod and reel can be a perfect treat on father's day 2017. It is easy to make such a rod by using old wine corks as a handle. After making the handle, it is now time to put the reel and rigging for the line.

You can screw tiny eye screws that are evenly spaced along one side of the fishing rod to make the rigging. The holes should be drilled beforehand to help the bamboo handle from splitting. You then should use a plastic spool, a bolt, a two metal end pieces, plastic washers, a bent metal pipe strap and a wing nut to complete the fishing rod and reel.