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Best Happy Father's Day 2017 Gift Ideas

Father's day 2017 is approaching and we all are in a great hurry to astonish our dad in the best way we can. Buying a valuable or a costly gift for our dad and taking credit for it isn't the real purpose of father's day. Our dad, the person who taught us, took care of us, helped us, played with us, guided us, and made us the person who we are now. So fathers deserve utmost love and respect not only on father's day, but on all days. As I said, it's not about buying the best gift for fathers and gifting them, it's about giving what you can. So, let's discuss some great gifts you can gift on this auspicious day to the most important person in your life; your Daddy.

HyperChiller Iced Coffee Maker

A wonderful iced coffee on a hot day; who doesn't love it? The Iced coffee maker from HyperChiller is the best equipment to cool or chill your hot or warm coffee in just a single minute. In addition to this, it's also able to chill your wine, whiskey or any other drink in your house.  This equipment is suitable for all brewing process; and after using it, the process of cleaning is hassle free. HyperChiller claims that the chilling process is equal to adding thirty ice cubes to your desired liquid without any sort of dilution. This might be a wonderful gift for your dad if he is obsessed with Coffee or any other drink and wants to chill it instantly.

Fitbit One Wireless Activity (with Sleep Tracker)

If your dad is into a lot of workouts, morning walks, and exercises or in case, you want your dad to start exercising and be fit; gifting him this intelligent wireless activity tracker from Fitbit. This wireless fitness not only tracks your daily activities, but also sleeping patterns for a well-rested body. The device is very small making it possible to clip it to pockets, belts or anywhere suitable. The device also has a great battery life (approx. 14 days) and you can also sync your activities to a computer or over 200 other devices enabling you to see your progress.

Quiet Carry Mini Q Knife

From opening beer bottles to holding keys; this multi-purpose tool from 'Quiet Carry' is handy, making your daily tasks easier. The tool is made from Grade 5 Titanium (brushed) body, giving it a premium look and feel. It's fitted with a bottle opener, blade (stainless steel), and can also hold up to eight keys at a time. This tool can be really useful for an elder like your dad who may be having many keys and wants to organize and have access to all of them at a time rather than attaching the keys to pockets, bags or even losing them accidentally. Or simply, your dad can pop open a bottle with the bottle opener for a refreshing drink after a day's tiresome work.

Chef's Star Juicer

Apart from beverages, tea or coffee, letting your dad have some fresh and nutritional juice that can be prepared right at your home would be a great gift to him and his valuable health. Juices which are freshly prepared at home are the ideal ones rather than getting the commercially prepared and packed juices which contain many preservatives and a lot of sugar content which might be bad for health.  The device is fitted with a large mouth, enabling the user to place whole fruits and vegetables and juice them with ease. It also packs a large bin for holding the pulp, allowing you to have an extended juicing time.  It's featuring an all-powerful, 700-watt motor which is easy to remove, clean and attach back, after juicing. Overall, it's a perfect choice among the father's day 2017 gift ideas among our list. Purchase this effortless juicer from Chef's Star to keep your dad healthy and fit.

Dockers New Signature Khaki

A perfect fit from ankle to hip, the Signature Khaki from Dockers is an all comfortable day-to-day wear. It features a stretch for performance with the slim tapered fit giving you an ideal feel and elegance. The fabric is a wrinkle-free one making your Dad have a great look, each time he wears it. It also has an individual fit waistband giving the wearer, one inch of additional space in the waist area. Apart from this, it has a button through closure at the front, button through back pockets (double welt) and a premium fine stitching giving your Dad, the top notch look he deserves.

MVMT Watches

Leather watches with a minimalist design; these timepieces from MVMT are among the great wrist watches you can buy. They have separate models for men and women with a bunch of choices. They are all built with premium material with extra care to even the smallest detail. They are available in a variety of color and style allowing you to match it with your attire. So don't have a second thought; purchase these elegant watches to gift your dad on this upcoming father's day celebration. I bet you won't regret this decision.

Philips Norelco Vacuum Beard Trimmer

If you're thinking of gift ideas for father's day, why not get him a professional trimmer? The Norelco Vacuum Beard Trimmer from Philips features settings up to 20 different lengths, giving your dad, a fresh look all day. It has an inbuilt vacuum which is capable of catching (90 %) cut hair for an easy cleaning. It also features a technology known as 'lift and trim' which helps the trimmer to lift and guide hairs for a clean and effective cut. It has steel blades which possess self-sharpening property to efficiently cut hair every time. By using this trimmer, you can avoid skin irritation, and other problems caused by cheap trimmers. Powering up the trimmer is a state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery which is capable of eighty minutes of cordless use from one hour of charging. You can also use the trimmer while it's charging.