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Top 10 Gift Ideas for Fathers day 2017 Under $50

As father’s day is approaching near, a lot of us are at a loss for what to buy as a father’s day gift under $ 50, for the one and only special person --- who is none other than your lovable Dad.  Your imagination is flying high, but your budget is not too high.

In fact, what happens when we are going to buy any gifts for someone we love so much, we intend to buy the best in our budget? To choose the best gift for father’s day 2017, you have to do some homework, so that you can get the exact gift you want and your Dad would get the best father’s day gift from his daughter. So before you take the final decision, you have to consider few things first. They are:
•    Stay within your budget.
•    Know his love and preference.
•    Know if he needs anything.

So, here we have to make a list of few gift items you can buy as father’s day gift 2017 that can fit your budgets as well as can be useful. Have a quick look.


If your father is a frequent traveller, I am sure he would love this kit bag made of cow leather. It is perfect for holding all his shaving kits. The kit costs only $49. This would be the best father’s day gift from a daughter.


This is one of the useful father’s day gifts under $50. May your dad is a perfect man to keep his office desk neat and clean, a wood caddy would be a gift he needs this father’s day. It will also bring some style to the office desk. It is pocket-friendly.  It costs only $47.


You want to give your Dad a surprise?  You know he likes to stay stylish always. Then buy a new bottle of Ustra Cologne Base Camp and a Ray and Dale mission blue tie for him. This combination gift will cost you within $50.


There is an excellent gift idea for your tech-savvy Dads.  If your daddy loves photography, you can gift him a Flintstop Smart Phone Projector and S-Box Bluetooth speakers.  The combo will cost a little more extra than $50, but I think you won’t mind spending a few more dollars on such an occasion.  The blue tooth speakers are something that will enable your dad to listen music on the go with no wire.  It is ideal gift for father’s day 2017


You have watched on several occasion the enthusiasm and energy of your dad while watching any sports and heard his story of being a sportsman in his early college days, so why don’t you encourage him to bring his golden days back again with a set of sports kit. You can gift him an Adidas Table Tennis Set, Adidas Wristband and Adidas Football Finale. The cost of all these Gifts will cover $50, and I am sure your dad will get back his college life once again.


If your dad is a strict follower of fitness routine, then you must give him a pair of jogging shoes with a tracksuit set. If he is old enough to walk with a stick, then you may add a walking stick with this.  A dumble set or a jump rope also ideal gift to encourage his fitness routine.


This concept is very much in now a day. So you can make him surprise by giving him a bear mug, or coffee mug embossed with his photo.


Suppose your dad loves to party often with his friends in the garden and want to make everyone surprise with new food items, then an Electric Barbecue Griller and Tandoor maker is an ideal gift which can give an ultimate smile.


A set of good books is the perfect gift for your bookworm dad. Nothing can give him more pleasure than to get books of his choice from his kids.


A Philips Norelco Vacuum Beard Trimmer is absolutely perfect matching for your father personality and grooming. It’s very easy to use as it is cordless and matches your cost. It comes within $49.

So we hope this list will help you to choose your father’s day gift, according to your dad’s Personality and hobby. Only you have to keep in mind that whatever you spend, spend wisely, not wastefully. So be thoughtful and innovative before you buy a gift.


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